Do Not Call List

Do Not Call List

A do-not-call list, alternatively known as a do-not-call registry, is a compilation of personal phone numbers that are prohibited for use by telemarketers in various countries. Additionally, companies may uphold their private do-not-call lists, specifying numbers they refrain from contacting. Congress passed the Telephone Consumer Protection Act in 1991 in response to consumer concerns about the […]


How to Call Someone Who Blocked You?

If necessary, it is possible to call someone who has blocked your number. Using the call blocking feature on iPhone or Android phones you will find below the steps to call someone who has blocked your number. Dial *67 Dial *67. This code will block your number so that your call appears as an “unknown” […]


How to Make Folders iPhone?

To create a folder, press and hold the icon of the first app you want to move into the folder until all your application icons start moving and a small X appears at the top left of each one. Press the app icon again and drag it to another app on your screen that you […]


What is Indonesia Country Code?

Country codes are short geographic letters or numerical codes (geographic codes) that have been developed to represent countries and subordinate regions and are used for data processing and telephone communication. The term country code usually refers to the international area code / ISD code. The country code for Indonesia is +62. This country code and […]


How to Make A Private Call?

Problems with privacy In our mobile phone-oriented lives, we often face problems that bring up several complications in our personal lives and disrupt our peace of mind. It could be a person making unnecessary calls on your cellphone or on any of your family or friends’ cellphones which can create an aura of insecurity for […]