If necessary, it is possible to call someone who has blocked your number. Using the call blocking feature on iPhone or Android phones you will find below the steps to call someone who has blocked your number.

  1. Dial *67

Dial *67. This code will block your number so that your call appears as an “unknown” or “private” number. Enter the code before the number you are dialing, such as *67-779-887-XXXX

  1. Call From Another Number

The easiest way to call someone who has blocked your number is to call someone else and call the person who has blocked your number.

Since the new number you are calling should not be blocked, the specific person at the other end will receive your call and may answer your call.

  1. Hide Caller ID and Make A Call

Another way you can try is to hide the caller ID in your smartphone and call the person who blocked your number.

Whenever you make a call using a hidden caller ID, your contact’s iPhone or Android smartphone will not be able to detect your phone number, and your call will pass.

Is it legal to bypass a call block?

The method we describe involves hiding your caller ID, a simple feature available to everyone. This in itself is completely legal. However, it is quite possible that using this method to call someone after making it clear that they do not want to be contacted will take you into legal hot water. This can be considered harassment. Before we get to the moral side of things.

Please respect people’s privacy, and know that if you make it clear to someone that they do not want you, and even have your number blocked, you will be subject to a restraining order. Heading Country Code Guide assumes no responsibility for the legal consequences of the harassing behavior.

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