Country codes are short geographic letters or numerical codes (geographic codes) that have been developed to represent countries and subordinate regions and are used for data processing and telephone communication. The term country code usually refers to the international area code / ISD code. The country code for Indonesia is +62. This country code and area code are required to dial Indonesia’s phone number from another country. When you call Indonesia, an international prefix that is specific to the country you are calling is also added before the Indonesian country code.

Different methods to make international calls

To save money on calling family and friends, consider other international calling options.

  1. Mobile operators offer prices and special offers for people who want to make international calls regularly. So if you use more mobile phones than landlines, please check the market.
  2. Many Indonesian phone providers offer VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services that enable low-cost phone calls over the Internet (high-speed connection required). You dial the VoIP code (5 digits starting with “010 …”) and then dial the country code and the telephone number.
  3. Prepaid calling cards are another good choice. By buying an international prepaid calling card in Indonesia, you only have to pay a small number of household expenses, you can reduce the number of calls to your home and you can pay attention to your expenses. It can also be worthwhile for friends and family to buy a similar card at home so that it can be used in both directions to save money.

Indonesia is a tropical archipelago with countless natural wonders. If there are no beautiful people who create a charming culture and welcome tourists, Indonesia will have nothing. Indonesia is a diverse and dynamic country with largely integrated traditional and modern cultures. Over the years, these islands have been influenced by Indian, Chinese, Arab and European cultures and have created a unique fusion of Eastern and Western traditions. Indonesia’s unique traditional forms of entertainment include the shadow play “Wayang” and the performance of the bamboo instrument “Angklung” in West Java.

The big cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya or Makassar offer many leisure, entertainment and shopping opportunities as well as many international and traditional restaurants. For entertainment people in Indonesia also watch movies on Indoxxi. It is a great mobile app, you can watch so many movies here. This is the best way to spend your holidays if the weather conditions are not stable and you can’t go out.

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