Phone Call to Andorra From United Kingdom

How do you call Andorra from United Kingdom? If you are calling from the United Kingdom to Andorra, it is an international call. For this type of call, you must also enter the country code of Andorra.

This is the procedure for making a call:

  1. IDD country code United Kingdom 00
    What is IDD - This number is used for calling to another country (international call).
  2. International country code Andorra +376
  3. Phone area code Example: Andorra la Vella 7
  4. Telephone Number 00 376 7
00 376 7 -------
Andorra City Codes Hide
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Dial Codes
Andorra la Vella +376-7
Andorra la Vella +376-8
Canilo +376-7
Canilo +376-8
Encamp +376-7
Encamp +376-8
La Massana +376-7
La Massana +376-8
Mobile Phones +376-3
Ordino +376-7
Ordino +376-8
Sant Julia de Loria +376-7
Sant Julia de Loria +376-8

Calling from other countries to Andorra

Are you calling someone in Andorra from outside the country? Select a country from the list below to discover the international dialing code you need to dial for calling Andorra.