Detail Map Of Tuvalu:

Tuvalu, it is a country in Oceania. The capital of Tuvalu is Funafuti.

  • Total Area: 11,192
  • Population: 25.9 km?2;
  • Language: English

Tuvalu Map

Tuvalu (formerly Ellis Island) is a group of atolls south of the equator in the western Pacific, south of Kiribati and north of Fiji. The Main Island and capital, Funafuti, is 1,046 km north of Suva, Fiji.

Political Map of Tuvalu

The political map shows the main islands, capital, borders and neighboring countries.

Travel Information Map

Tuvalu is a small archipelago near the Polynesian archipelago. The Polynesians were their first inhabitants. The largest island of Tuvalu has the advantage of swimming on the slowly moving sea, and as an ideal choice for diving and snorkeling in colorful tropical fish and turtles, it is a great tourist attraction in Tuvalu. Pennisetum built by an American lagoon during World War II. Experience the extraordinary sunset, the setting sun reflects the sky like a masterpiece. Stroll in the lagoon in the moonlight and enjoy the sleeping sea under the bright starry sky while relaxing in the bright night. Vaiaku Stadium, also known as Tuvalu Stadium, is Funafutis Stadium for various occasions. It is used in soccer and rugby games today. The stadium can accommodate 1,500 people. The philatelic office in Tuvalu is very independent and different and shows the rich, varied and amazing changes in postage stamps in Tuvalu for centuries. Funafala is a paradise on earth and a wonderful tourist attraction in Tuvalu. Lie down and watch the movie about the fireball. When it disappears into the fascinating blue ocean, its color gradually spreads to the limitless sky. Nanumea is located on the northernmost tip of Tuvalu and extends for about 4.6 km of the area. It is approximately 600 meters wide. The island of Nanumea played an important role in World War II. In fact, this is the bomber base used by the federal forces to protect the Pacific Ocean.

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