Detail Map Of Turkey:

Turkey, it is a country in Middle East. The capital of Turkey is Ankara.

  • Total Area: 783,562 km?2;
  • Population: 80.81 million
  • Language: Turkish

Turkey Map

Turkey is a large, approximately rectangular peninsula, which is a bridge between Southeast Europe and Asia. In fact, the country has served as a bridge for human movement throughout history. Turkey stretches more than 1,600 kilometers from west to east, but usually less than 800 kilometers from north to south. Turkey is surrounded on three sides by the sea. The south is the Mediterranean, the west is the Aegean and the north is the Black Sea. The Sea of Marmara in the northwest, including the Strait of Istanbul and the Dardanelles, is the coastal sea of Turkey. Bulgaria is in the northwest. Greece in the west, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran in the east, Georgia in the northeast, Syria in the south and southeast of Iraq.

Political Map of Turkey

The political map shows the Republic of Turkey and the surrounding countries with borders, the capital Ankara, capital cities, major cities, main roads and main airports.

Travel Information Map

The Byzantine fame of the Ayasofia Museum (Hagia Sophia) is a top priority not only for Istanbul, but also for Turkey. After the conquest of the Ottoman Empire, an exquisite minaret was added, the appearance of which was dazzling and whose magnificent and dense frescoed interior reminded of the old power and strength of Constantinople. This well-known memorial is a must for all traveler staying the nation. Antalya is the most popular tourist area in Turkey. To explore the area's beauty, take the cable car to Mount Tahtali, from where you can admire the breathtaking panoramic views of the coast. The Turkish coastal city of Izmir is one of the fastest growing cruise ports in the Aegean and a great place to stay.

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