Detail Map of Tokelau:

Tokelau, the island region of New Zealand, consists of three atolls in the South Pacific. Tokelau's capital is Nukunonu.

  • Total Area: 10 square kilometers 
  • Population: 1,411 
  • Language: English 

Tokelau Map

Tokelau consists of three small coral atolls that are between 8 and 10 degrees south latitude and between 171 and 173 degrees west longitude. The total land area of Tokelau is approximately 12 square kilometers. The coral reef is only a short distance from the coast and then drops sharply into deep water. All three atolls have their own administrative centers. Atafu is the northernmost atoll with an area of 3.5 square kilometers. Nukunonu with a central atoll area of 4.7 km?2;, Fakaofo and a southern atoll area of 4 km?2;. Tokelau stretches from Atafu in the north to Fakaofo in the south for less than 200 kilometers and the atolls are 3 to 5 meters above sea level. Coral atolls offer a sustainable lifestyle in fragile environments. The total area of the exclusive economic zone is around 300,000 square kilometers. Each atoll is made up of small islands surrounded by many reefs that surround the lagoon. The size of the islands varies between 90 m and 6 km and between a few meters and 200 meters.

Political Map of Tokelau

The political map shows the main roads, capital, provinces and neighboring countries.

Travel Information Map

Tokelau has successfully won one of the highlights of the Polynesian region in the western Pacific. The Tokelau Atoll lies roughly between New Zealand and Hawaii. The island has no airport or coastal port to facilitate the exchange between the territory and other islands and states. Nukunonu is one of the atolls in Tokelau. This is the largest of the three atolls. The population is less than 500. It has good natural landscapes such as atoll grounds, small forests and the beach where the two main hotels of the atoll are located.

Tokelau States