Detail Map Of Taiwan:

Taiwan, it is a country in East Asia. The capital of Taiwan is Taipei.

  • Total Area: 36,193 km?2;
  • Population: 23.78 million
  • Language: Mandarin Chinese

Taiwan Map

The island of Taiwan is located in the western Pacific between Japan and the Philippines on the southeast coast of China, separated from the Taiwan Strait. Mountains over 1000 meters make up 31% of the island's land area, hills and terraces between 100 and 1000 meters above sea level make up 38%, floodplains below 31 meters above sea level make up the remaining 31%, most communities, agricultural activities and industrial concentration here. Taiwan's largest geographical feature is 270 kilometers of low mountains with more than 200 peaks over 3,000 meters. At 3,952 meters above sea level, the Emerald Mountain is the highest mountain in East Asia. Foothills of the low mountain range lead to the plateaus and coastal plains in the west and south. The east coast is relatively steep and the north island is over 1,000 meters high. Taiwan meets the Tropic of Cancer Apart from the tropical end at the southern end, Taiwan has a subtropical climate. The warm ocean currents make Taiwan's climate conducive to dense vegetation growth, and two to three grains of rice can be harvested each year.

Political Map of Taiwan

The political map shows the major cities, main roads, capital and neighboring countries.

Travel Information Map

The city of Kaohsiung is full of liveliness and vitality and everyone can enjoy it, making it a popular travel destination for foreigners and locals. As the country's maritime and industrial center, it is the third largest city. Trade and commerce ensure a broad integration of people, culture and communities, which is reflected in the delicacies on offer. Wulai is the hometown of Atayal and famous for its hot springs in Taiwan. As a result, it is now a tourist city where many people play in the warm waters, learn more about the rich indigenous culture and explore the surrounding nature.

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