Detail Map Of Syria:

Syria, it is a country in Middle East. The capital of Syria is Damascus.

  • Total Area: 185,180 km?2;
  • Population: 18.27 million
  • Language: Arabic

Syria Map

Syria has a narrow coastal plain that runs from north to south along the Mediterranean. The mountains plunged directly into the sea north of Tartus. In the east, the Ansalia Mountains border the coastal plain from north to south. The average width of the mountains is 32 kilometers. They reached the highest point (1,562 meters) east of Latakia. The Ghab Sag lies on its east side and is 64 kilometers long. The Nahr al-Asi River flows north to Turkey and the Mediterranean.

Political Map of Syria

The political map shows Syria and neighboring countries with international borders, the capital Damascus, major cities, main roads, railways and main airports.

Travel Information Map

The Aleppo Castle has many pretty, ornate halls and corridors that were built in different historical periods. This makes the Aleppo Castle an important attraction for tourists and archaeologists. One of the main features of the castle is the gate, which can be reached by an arch bridge. Today the Azme Palace is one of the most beautiful historical Islamic palaces in the world. It is located in the ancient city of Damascus, close to the Umayed Grand Mosque, Al Buzuriyah Souk and Al Hamidiyah Souk. It was the residence of the governor of Damascus As'ad Pasha Al-Azm in the 18th century. In the Syrian Desert, in the oasis surrounded by palm trees, the ruins of Palmyra are littered with proud relics of the great empire that was once ruled by the legendary Queen Zenobbia. There are many ancient sites in the city of Palmyra, including the Valley of the Tombs, the Arc de Triomphe, the Palmyra Theater and the Fakhr-Al-Din Al-Maani Palace. The dead city, also known as the forgotten city, is a 40 Byzantine city between Aleppo and Idlib in northeastern Syria.

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