Detail Map Of South Sudan:

South Sudan, it is a country in North Africa. The South Sudan capital is Juba.

  • Total Area: 619,745 km?2;
  • Population: 12.58 million
  • Language: English

South Sudan Map

South Sudan is a non-coastal republic in East Africa. Since South Sudan is near the tropical equator, most of its landscape is made up of tropical rainforests and the protected national park is home to many wild animals. South Sudan also has extensive swamp and grassland areas. The White Nile, the main tributary of the Nile, also crosses the country. The highest point in South Sudan is Kinyeti (3,187 m) on the border to the southernmost tip of Uganda.

Political Map of South Sudan

As can be seen on the political map of South Sudan, this African country has ten states that are located in three regions.

Travel Information Map

For tourists to discover the country's amazing tourist attractions, the country needs to work harder to build the necessary infrastructure and actively explore destinations. Juba is the capital of South Sudan and one of the fastest growing cities in Africa. It has good accommodation and countless others are under construction. Juba International Airport, with direct flights from the major capitals of the Middle East and Africa, is becoming busier every day. The streets inside and outside the city are getting better, and large companies have set up bases to take advantage of existing business opportunities. Boma is one of the largest national parks in Africa. It covers an area of 22,800 square kilometers and is located in the state of Jonglei (near the Ethiopian border). Between March and April and between November and January, the park is one of the largest animal migrations in the world. The Wau Zoo was found near a river in the state of Bahrel Ghazal. The zoo's main attraction is the striped hyena (the largest species of hyena). Other wild animals in the zoo include antelopes, warthogs, crocodiles, ostriches and primates such as baboons. All Saints Basilica: This is the main Christian worship center in Juba. It is between Gombura and Lanya streets.

South Sudan States