Detail Map Of Somalia:

Somalia, it is a country in East Africa. The capital of Somalia is Mogadishu.

  • Total Area: 637,655 km?2;
  • Population: 14.74 million
  • Language: Somali

Somalia Map

Somalia is the easternmost country in Africa. Somalia's topography includes plateaus, plains, and plateaus. In the far north, however, the distance between the east and West Mountains of Sakika and the coast of the Gulf of Aden is different. The northern part of the country is hilly and the central and southern regions are flat. The main rivers are the Juba and Shabelle rivers. The Shebele could only reach the sea during the rainy season. Other cities are Beledweyne, Kisayayo and Baidoa. The highest point is Shimbiris, 2416 meters above sea level.

Political Map of Somalia

The political map shows the locations of the three main Islamic groups in Somalia: Al-Shabaab, Hezbollah and Aru Suna Naval Jama'a. Al-Shabaab currently controls southern Somalia and has established an Islamic government on its territory. Hezbollah controls Beledweyne and manages the Shira'an and Afugo areas near Mogadishu.

Travel Information Map

The East African countries have rich natural resources, diverse cultures and a diverse history and are waiting for tourists with different tastes from all over the world. Somalia is located on the Horn of Africa by the sea. Somali Saki is interested in inconsistent natural beauties as well as a mixture of history and culture, especially for indigenous people and Islam. The city of Mogadishu dates from the 10th century and is an ancient city with impressive medieval Islamic architecture such as mosques and ancient tombs. Although some of these structures have stood the test of a violent political period, these historic sites are sure to attract those who love history. Laas Geels cave art, this is perhaps the most famous sight in the country. It is located near Hargeisa in Somalia. The original caves of Laas Geel are located near the city of Hargeisa. This city is the most famous city in Somaliland. Despite the great suffering during the civil war, it is slowly recovering. The most interesting sight in the city is the Provincial Museum of Hargeisa.

Somalia States