Detail Map Of Slovakia:

Slovakia, it is a country in Europe. The capital of Slovakia is Bratislava.

  • Total Area: 49,035 km?2;
  • Population: 5.45 million
  • Language: Slovak

Slovakia Map

The dense forests, the Ore Mountains of Saki O dominate the central region of Slovakia, and the Carpathian Mountains cover the northern border with the Czech Republic and Poland. The highest peak is in the Tatra Mountains. The highest point is the Gerlach summit, which rises to 2,665 m. The mountains enter the fertile lowlands of the Danube plain and the south-eastern border with Ukraine. Important rivers are the Danube, the March, the Heron, the Hornard and the Wach. Its basin covers approximately 11% of the territory of Slovakia. The lowest point in Slovakia is 94 m above the Bodrog River, which crosses the border with Hungary. Slovakia is rich in natural small lakes and reservoirs that have been built to store water to prevent flooding or electricity generation. Slovakia is the only European country outside of Scandinavia with a geyser. The geyser is located near Kosice and sprays 305 liters of water into the air every 32-34 hours for 20 minutes.

Political Map of Slovakia

The political map shows the main roads, cities, capital and neighboring countries.

Travel Information Map

Slovakia is a place to explore. Sakis bling castles and medieval towns are full of fascinating landscapes and there are many interesting historical sights and cultural landmarks to explore. Slovakia also has a beautiful landscape. The High Tatras is undoubtedly a highlight. Bratislava is not only the largest city in Slovakia, but also the capital. It lies on the Danube and borders on Austria and Hungary. Visit the magnificent Bratislava Castle, which is located on a plateau above the city and was originally built in the 10th century. The city is located in a densely vegetated area, so Bratislava and the surrounding area offer many parks, open spaces and lakes, including Lake Rusovce.

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