Detail Map Of Singapore:

Singapore, it is a country in Asia.

  • Total Area: 721.5 km?2;
  • Population: 5.612 million
  • Language: Malay

Singapore Map

The country of Singapore comprises a large island (small urban area) and more than 60 small islands (islets). There are many circular hills in the middle of the main island. Land in the west and southwest consists of a series of low ridges, while land in the east and southeast is usually flat. Singapore's highest point is Bukit Timah (166 m) and the lowest point is the Strait of Singapore (0 m). Singapore is flooded by a large number of narrow and short currents, some of which flow into the sea through mangrove swamps or estuaries. Since there are no important lakes or rivers, the reservoir covers parts of the central region.

Political Map of Singapore

Singapore map with international borders, zone boundaries and their capitals, national capitals and other important cities

Travel Information Map

The cheapest and fastest way to get to Singapore is by public transportation. Mass Rapid Transit (MRI). The system is efficient, fast and convenient. Singapore has an excellent public transportation system and convenient transportation. Orchard Road (Orchard Road) is the first address for first time visitors to Singapore. Vivo City is known as Singapore's largest mall. It is located on the former World Trade Center site and is now called HarbourFront. The mall is a shopping paradise with several shops, restaurants and entertainment centers. The Chinatown Heritage Center is located in three restored shops on Pagoda Street. The museum shows the life of early Singaporean Chinese immigrants who have settled in Chinatown. The Chijmes Church was built in 1840 as a Catholic monastery. Since then it has been restored and converted into a commercial building. The chapel is now an auditorium, while the rest of the complex is being converted into shops and restaurants.

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