Detail Map Of Sierra Leone:

Sierra Leone map, it is a country in West Africa. The capital of Sierra Leone is Freetown.

  • Total Area: 71,740 km?2;
  • Population:  7.557 million
  • Language: English

Sierra Leone Map

Sierra Leone is located on the west coast of Africa and comprises four different areas: plateaus, mountains, lowlands and forests. The plateaus in the east of the country are littered with high mountains, including Loma Mansa (Mount Bentimani), the highest point in Sierra Leone, at an altitude of 1,948 m. To the west, the country's central region is made up of plains dotted with forests, bushes, and farmland that make room for all coastal mangrove swamps in Guinea. The main water sources are the Rokel, Taia, Sewa and Moa rivers. The lowest point in Sierra Leone is the Atlantic (0 m).

Political Map of Sierra Leone

The country of Sierra Leone is located in West Africa. The geographic coordinates of Sierra Leone are 8 ° 30 'N and 11 ° 30' W. The country has a coast of 402 kilometers. On the political map, you will see the main roads, Capital and the neighboring countries.

Travel Information Map

The capital of Freetown lies in the green hills of the western region, right on the edge of Horseshoe Bay, and is the perfect place to start your journey in the country. Sierra Leone is a mix of crazy harbor activities (the city is home to one of the largest natural deep-water harbors in the world) and relaxed life by the sea. Sierra Leone has a long cultural history. Dublin is 18 km long and 1.3 quarters of a minute wide with seven hills and seven beaches. Dublin is full of back yard gardens, loaf fruit trees and rare and delightful butterflies. In the morning you will hear the beautiful sounds of strange and beautiful birds. York is a unique Creo village with a long history, although the village also includes other tribes. Before the arrival of the freed slaves, Sherbro was settled in the area and this village is called Momimi.

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