Detail Map Of San Marino:

San Marino is a rocky microstate bounded by north central Italy. The capital is San Marino and the largest expenditure is Dogana, Serravalle.

  • Total Area: 61.2 square kilometers.
  • Population:  33,400 
  • Language: Italian 

San Marino Map

San Marino is located on the Italian peninsula in southern Europe. Its territory consists of an inland enclave completely surrounded by Italy. The terrain of San Marino consists mainly of rugged mountain ranges, with the highest peak of Monte Titano at 2477 feet (755 m). The lowest point in San Marino is Torrente Ausa (55 m).

Political Map of San Marino

On the political Map, you can see the main roads, capitals, borders and neighboring countries.

Travel Information Map

Rocca Guaita (or the first tower) is the best known of San Marino's three impressive forts on Titano Peak. It was built in the 10th century without a foundation and built directly on the rocks. It looked like a story of medieval knights and dragons. Montale is the smallest of the three towers and dates from the end of the 13th century. The Republic of San Marino is one of the oldest and smallest countries in the world. The 739 meter high Titano is the highest point of the mile and offers a breathtaking view from all three towers. The view stretches northwest to the Apennines, east to the coast of Rimini and on clear days over the Adriatic to the Dalmatian coast. Piazza Della Liberta is one of San Marino's most popular attractions, as the ceremonial changes that take place during the day at the Guardie di Rocca are a colorful ceremony.

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