Detail Map Of Saint Martin:

Saint Martin, it is an island in Caribbean Sea. There are two capitals, Phillipsburg and Marigot.

  • Total Area: 87 km?2;
  • Population: 41,109
  • Language: Dutch

Saint Martin Map

St. Martin is located in the center of the Antilles in the northern hemisphere between the Tropic of Cancer and the equator. More specifically, it is located in the northern part of the Lesser Antilles, an archipelago formed by the Atlantic plate that slides under the Caribbean plate to form a number of islands, including St. Martin. Guadeloupe is about 240 kilometers southeast. St. Martin overlooks the Atlantic on the east side and is washed away by the waters of the Caribbean on the west coast. The island has a total area of 88 km?2; and the longest and widest length is 15 km and 13 km, respectively.

Saint Martin Island Map

The island is mountainous and the valleys are scattered. Some mountains are thin and dense. The highest point on the French side is Pic Paradis, which is 424 m above sea level. The Great Salt Pond used to be the source of salt for most of Europe. There are no major rivers or streams on the island. The island of St. Martin, centrally located between Puerto Rico and Guadeloupe, is the closest part of France to the United States coast.

Political Map of Saint Martin

On political map, you can see the main rods, capitals and the neighboring countries.

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Dongfang Bay Beach was hit hard by Hurricane Irma and is one of the island's attractions. Recent visitors said seeing it was a bit shocking since most of the business was completely destroyed. Cupecoy is a cluster of three beaches surrounded by limestone cliffs. It is also the last beach on the Dutch side before crossing the northern border of France. Travelers say the sunset here can make people believe that Saba can be seen at a glance in the distance. End the day in one of the area's beach bars, or buy a cold beer from a local vendor walking along the coast.

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