Detail Map Of Saint Barthelemy:

Saint-Barthelemy is a French overseas group in the Caribbean. The capital of Saint Barthelemy is Gustavia.

  • Total Area: 24 square kilometers
  • Population: 9.625 
  • Language: French

Saint Barthelemy Map

The Caribbean, an island between the Caribbean and the North Atlantic, is in the group of Leeward Islands (in the north), St. Bartholomew Island is east of the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Political Map of Saint Barthelemy

On political map, you can see the major cities, capital and neighboring countries.

Travel Information Map

St. Barths exudes an enticing mix of European sophistication, natural beauty and relaxed island charm. The golden sand is the protagonist. Against the backdrop of gentle green hills, they lure in lonely bays or in picturesque coastal villages that attract tourists with clear water and coral reefs. Salt Beach (also known as Great Salt Lake) is one of the most beautiful beaches and seas in St. Barth and one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. From the parking lot go up the hill to reach this sheltered bay. As soon as you leave the dunes, the water waves in the colors turquoise, turquoise and cobalt blue. Gustavia is the red roof capital of St. Barts, a port city and the best place to shop in St. Barts. Chic boutiques, duty-free shops, and art galleries across the street attract visitors from the many cruise ships that stop here and gourmet restaurants that serve delicious French cuisine. Flamands Beach is the widest beach on the island and one of the most beautiful beaches. Fishermen often cast their nets here, which is a great beach for swimming.

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