Detail Map Of Reunion:

Reunion is an foreign subdivision and a district of the French Republic and an island in the Indian Ocean. The capital of Reunion is Saint-Denis.

  • Total Area: 2,512 square kilometers¬†
  • Population: 866.506

Reunion Island Map

Reunion Island is located in the Indian Ocean and benefits from the tropical climate. It is located 800 km east of Madagascar and is part of the Mascareign Islands archipelago, bordering Mauritius and Rodrigues. Its surroundings, tropical forests, huge volcanoes and sugar cane plantations create a very lively atmosphere. The island has a number of properties, including a melting pot of people (in the past, people were always merged), flora and fauna, and strategic locations in the southwestern Indian Ocean.

Reunion Map

The map displays that Reunion is a land mass in the southern hemisphere of the Indian Ocean, 740 kilometers east of the coast of Madagascar. Reunion is one of the Muscarin Islands, which are made up of three main volcanic islands: Mauritius and Rodrigues. The reunion is 70.5 kilometers long (43.8 miles from northwest to southeast) and about 50 kilometers wide.

Political Map of Reunion

On political map, you can see the main rivers and neighboring countries.

Travel Information Map

On the way to Piton de la Fournaise, after crossing the pastureland and admiring the craters Nez de Boeuf and Commerson, you reach the Plaine des Sables, a barren landscape with its bright red rocks The impression of how Mars runs on the grass. Mafate is one of the three famous craters in the heart of Reunion. In the Mafate caldera there is a small village of the same name. A very rare village because it is at an altitude of almost 2000 meters. Cilaos is known for its impressive canyons and waterfalls where canyoning, climbing and many other extreme sports can be practiced.

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