Detail Map Of Portugal:

Portugal, it is situated in Atlantic Ocean. The capital of Portugal is Lisbon.

  • Total Area: 92,212 km?2;
  • Population: 10.29 million
  • Language: Portuguese

Portugal Map

The shape of the country is roughly rectangular, with short sides in the north and south and long sides in the east and west. Portugal's Atlantic coast is 837 kilometers long, Portugal is geographically not homogeneous. The physical environment is very different and different geographic areas arise, which in turn shape the culture of the people.

Political Map of Portugal

Portugal's only land border is the border with Spain, the rest on the Atlantic coast. Portugal also includes the Central Atlantic Azores and the Madeira Islands.

Travel Information Map

Portugal is one of the greatest stayed republics in Europe due to its peaceful temperature, inexpensive portable expenditures and exceptional fascinations. The Algarve in southern Portugal is an extensive angle of cities and seashores from Lagos to Faro. Guesthouses and golf ways contend for interplanetary in this well-known area of the country. Climbing along the Algarve bids attractive shore sceneries, but staying an island in Portugal like Madeira or the Azores is a delightful ecosphere. This is the top fascination in Portugal. Coimbra is a attractive township on the Mondego Stream in vital Portugal with numerous significant shrines, attractive grounds, the republic's additional stylishness of Fado music and European inheritance. One of the best things to do in, from the captivating old church to the many ancient highlights of the Gothic monastery of Santa Clara Avila with the grave of Queen Isabel.

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