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Pitcairn is an island in South Pacific Ocean. The capital of Pitcairn is Adamstown.

  • Total Area: 47 km?2;
  • Population: 50
  • Language: English

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Pitcairn (Pitcairn) is 5,215 km off the New Zealand coast. There is no airport and no runway. All tourists must arrive by boat as the island's uneven rocks are a daunting prospect. The volcanic island is one of the remaining 14 British overseas territories and an expensive business that requires special funding from the Bank of England. Pitcairn is an archipelago of five islands in the southern Pacific that is inhabited and is the only British colony in the Pacific. Polynesians are said to live on Pitcairn, but in the 15th century Spanish explorers found the island uninhabited. In 1790, Pitcairn Island was populated by bounty rebels and their Tahiti companions. Almost 50 years later, it became the first colony of the British Pacific Islands in 1838.

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The Pitcairn Islands organization is a British overseas territory. It includes Pitcairn Island, Henderson Island, Ducci Island and Ono Island. Pitcairn Island is the only inhabited island and is a small volcanic outcrop in the South Pacific at 25.04 latitude and 130.06 west longitude. It is located approximately 2170 kilometers southeast of Tahiti and only 6,600 kilometers from Panama. The remote island is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, at a distance of 5,310 kilometers.

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The Pitcairn threshold is a steep road known as the "Hill of Difficulty" that stretches from Bounty Bay to the edge. The path follows the trajectory of the mutineers when they land and rises up to 70 meters on the side of the cliff. As in the times of the insurgents, all supplies have to be transported on this street, although today's work with tractors and motorcycles is child's play. Adams Town is strategically located on the northern slope at an altitude of 120 to 150 meters and covers an area of 20 hectares. The main road crosses Adamstown approximately 800 meters, approximately parallel to the coast. These houses are scattered on main streets and paths.

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