Detail Map Of Peru:

On Peru Map, it is a country in South America. The capital of Peru is Lima.

  • Total Area: 1.285 million km?2;
  • Population: 32.17 million
  • Language: Spanish¬†

Peru Map

Peru is a very diverse country with 11 ecological zones and 84 of the 117 "living zones" in the world. The unique geographic environment makes it a variety of natural resources. It is a narrow belt along the Pacific Ocean with a length of 2,414 km and a width of 5 km (Arequipa in the south) to 100 km (north of Piura). The Peruvian coast is a desert, one of the driest deserts in the world, and there are even more or less fertile valleys formed by 53 rivers in the Andes. Despite its tropics, the dry and temporary climate is explained by the occurrence of the Humboldt Brook in the Antarctic on the coasts of Chile and Peru. This cold current prevents the formation of rain clouds.

Political Map of Peru

On political Map, you can see the capital, major cities, and borders.

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The narrow coastal zone mainly consists of deserts and merges into the Atacama Desert at the southern end, one of the driest places on earth. These oases have been turned into agricultural centers, and for centuries the construction of irrigation channels has used the fertile soil deposited in the river bed. It was a strange sight to see how the green fields turned into sandy or rocky deserts at the end of irrigation The Andes are the second highest mountain in the world and reach more than 10,000 meters inland. Peru's highest mountain, Huascaran (22,200 feet), is the highest tropical mountain in the world and ranks sixth in North and South America. They can be tropical, but the Andes have glaciers that exceed 16,000 feet during the year.

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