Detail Map Of Papua New Guinea:

On Papua New Guinea map, it is an island state in the Southwest Pacific. The state capital, Port Moresby, is located in the Coral Sea in southeastern New Guinea.

  • Total Area: 462,840 square kilometers¬†
  • Population: 8.251 million

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is the largest of the Pacific Islands. With a height of more than 4,000 meters, the PNG site is one of the roughest in the world. Papua New Guinea consists of large mountain peaks that rise from the sea into the highlands over 15,000 feet above sea level and are surrounded by hills and valleys. The terrain is rough, mountains and fast-flowing rivers have long isolated the interior from the outside world. Coastal islands, lowland forests and vast swamps, dry savannahs and temperate plateaus are of considerable geographic diversity. Only 13% of the people living in the country. Papua New Guinea is one of the most diverse (geographical, biological, linguistic and cultural) countries in the world. The relative poverty rate in Papua New Guinea compared to neighboring countries is increasing.

Political Map of Papua New Guinea

The political map of Papua New Guinea shows that it is an archipelago that lies between the South Pacific and the Coral Sea. You can also see the major cities, neighboring countries.

Travel Information Map

Papua New Guinea and its offshore islands create a feeling of amazement simply because of their remoteness. The country is located in the Southwest Pacific and shares the second largest island in the world with Indonesia. On a day trip from Port Moresby, you can explore Varirata National Park on a jungle walk or bird watching tour. Located at an altitude of around 250 meters, this mountain area offers the opportunity to discover feathered beauties such as kingfishers and birds of paradise of the Raggiana.

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