Detail Map Of Panama:

On Panama map, it is a republic in Central America. The capital of Panama is Panama City.

  • Total Area: 75,517 km?2;
  • Population: 4.099 million¬†
  • Language: Spanish

Panama Map

Panama is located in the narrowest and deepest part of the Isthmus of Panama that connects North and South America. This Central American country borders Costa Rica and Colombia, between the Caribbean and the North Pacific. The country is a narrow land connection or peninsula that links North and South America. Panama is smaller than South Carolina.

Panama Canal Map

The 77 km long international waterway is called the Panama Canal. It enables ships to travel between the Atlantic and the Pacific, and saves 12,875 kilometers when traveling around Cape Horn, the southern tip of South America. The Panamanian state, divided into two parts based on the US territory of the Canal Zone, caused tensions throughout the 20th century.

Panama City Map

Panama City is situated at the southern end of the Panama Canal in the Gulf of Panama and belongs to the Gulf of Panama (North Pacific). In just a few years, the city became the starting point for the Spanish conqueror's expedition to conquer the Peruvian Inca Empire, and the gold and silver handover point returned to Spain.

Political Map of Panama

The map shows the main lakes, rivers, cities, roads, national borders, coasts and the surrounding islands.

Travel Information Map

Panama's small geographic area is full of landscapes, interesting cities and countless vacation opportunities. On the Pacific and Caribbean coasts you will find beautiful beaches and islands. In the mountainous hinterland there are coffee plantations, cities, waterfalls, wild animals and some wonderful hiking trails. By far the most famous sight in Panama is the Panama Canal, which connects the Atlantic and the Pacific. The beautiful islands of the San Blas Islands extend along the Caribbean coast of Panama from the San Blas Bay to the Colombian border.

Panama States