Detail Map Of Palau:

Palau, a west pacific country. The capital of Palau is Ngerulmud, Melekeok.

  • Total Area: 459 km?2;
  • Population: 21.729
  • Language: English¬†

Palau Map

The Palau Archipelago, Micronesia, consists of approximately 340 coral and volcanic islands and is located in the western Pacific. It is 1,330 kilometers from Guam, 650 kilometers from New Guinea and 890 kilometers from the Philippines. A huge barrier reef system surrounds the entire archipelago. The densely populated main islands are Babelthuap, Koror, Malakal, Arakabesan and Peleliu. The Kayangel archipelago north of Babelthuap is sparsely populated, while the coral islands of Angaur, Sonsorol, Pulo Anna and Tobi are south of Peeliu Palau.

Palau Island Map

The island states of the Republic of Palau are located in the South Pacific. Palau has been around 3,000 BC. Inhabited when people from nearby islands probably the Philippines or Indonesia.

Political Map of Palau

On political map, you can see the major cities, road and capitals.

Travel Information Map

Palau is an incredible archipelago with more than 500 islands protruding from the crystal clear waters of the vast Pacific Ocean. The Kayangel Atoll is the only atoll in Palau and one of the most amazing attractions of Palau. Though a typhoon struck a few years ago, Kayangel still offers breathtakingly beautiful beaches of white sand, shells, and driftwood on the beach, as if you only dreamed of it. The water round the islands has a magnificent cobalt color. Koror is mutually the national of Palau and the major city. Around 70% of the inhabitants of Palau living here. It is the commercial center of the island state and attracts most of the tourism industry. The Palau National Museum is an attraction in Palau and you should not miss it. You will enjoy various exhibitions on the history and culture of Palau here.

Palau States