Detail Map Of Norway:

Norway, it is a country in Europe.

  • Capital: Oslo 
  • Total Area: 385,203 km?2;
  • Population: 5.328 million
  • Language: Norwegian

Norway Map

Norway is a mountainous country with an average height of 460 m, of which 32% of the continent is above the tree line. There are mountains across the country and it is believed that the distance behind this chain is far from the Appalachian Mountains in Scotland, Ireland and North America. After the end of the ice age, Norway continues to rise due to the release of huge ice cubes, with the elevations increasing by several millimeters each year. Norway is famous for its breathtaking fjord landscape, the deepest fjord in the world, the Sognefjord and the deepest lake Hornindalsvatnet in Europe.

Political Map of Norway

On the political map of Norway, you can see the major cities, states, main roads, capital and neighboring countries.

Travel Information Map

Norway is an extreme country one of the northernmost in the world. Norway has an incredible coastline of 25,000 kilometers, more than 50,000 islands and extends from 58 degrees north latitude in the south to 71 degrees north latitude at the top. Study extension. Norway is an infinite adventure playground for everyone who is enthusiastic about outdoor sports, whether it is deep snow in winter or kayaking on the fjord on endless summer days. Atlanterhavsveien, or commonly known as the "Atlantic Road", is a great trip through one of the best places in Norway. The connection between the Norwegian mainland and the beautiful island of Averøya is an ideal place for a day trip. Also visit the St. Kevins Church. It is more than 600 years old and one of the oldest in the region. Bergen is a great city to explore and a city with a long history. Make sure you go through the wooden buildings. Round Island is one of the most beautiful and beautiful places in Norway - especially for a small island.

Norway States