Detail Map Of Northern Mariana Islands:

On map, Northern Mariana Islands is a region in Untied States. Saipan is the capital and the largest city of Northern Mariana Islands.

  • Total Area: 463.6 km?2;
  • Population: 55,144
  • Language: English 

 Northern Mariana Islands

The southern island is made of limestone with flat terraces and coral reefs. The North Island is a volcano and there are active volcanoes in Anata Khan, Ketzer and Agri Khan. The Agrikan volcano is the highest volcano in the archipelago and is 965 meters above sea level. About a fifth of the country is used for agriculture and the other tenth is permanent grassland. The main natural resource is fish, which contradicts the protection of endangered species. Previous developments have created landfills that need to be cleaned and contaminated the groundwater in Saipan, which can lead to disease. Anatahan Volcano is a small volcanic island located 120 kilometers north of Saipan and 320 kilometers north of Guam.

Political Map of Northern Mariana Islands

The Northern Mariana Islands are an island nation in the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and the Philippines. The area has 15 islands.

Travel Information Map

The capital of Saipan is distributed into 30 townships. Some townships you can come across are Garapan and Susupe, the hotel region and Chalan Kanoa. Bird island, the island is situated on the northeast coast of Saipan and is identified as a bird preserve. The Grotto dive spot is perhaps one of the most well-known dive positions in the Northern Mariana Islands and has been valued by Dive Magazine as the second top hangout site in the world. Forbidden island Tabu Island is a popular hiking and adventure destination for tourists and locals, it's a must. To reach the island you have to hike on the main road for 30 to 40 minutes. Between the hikes there are viewing stations and you can enjoy the beauty of the island and the surrounding waves.

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