Detail Map Of Niue:

In South Pacific, Niue is a smallest island. Alofi is the capital of Niue.

  • Total Area: 261.5 square kilometers
  • Population: 1,611
  • Language: English¬†

Niue Map

On map of Niue, it is a small island and is located in east of Tonga. The natural beauty is preserved, mainly due to the lack of industry and small population. The island has an exciting coastline of the Saki coast, which offers a private bathing bay that has long been opposite the typical beaches of other parts of Polynesia. The island is recognized for its exceptional hollow classification, which some experts consider is the most widespread hollow structure in the whole South Pacific. Precipitation streams rapidly over absorbent sandstone into the sea, deprived of the direction of rivers or tarns. This makes the surrounding ocean crystal clear and offers an incomparable view for diving. The island has an oval shape and a diameter of about 18 km. almost a quarter of Niue is a pristine rainforest with native birds and plants.

Political Map of Niue

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On political map, you can see the main cities, the capital of the country, states and main roads.

Travel Information Map

Alofi's Vaiolama Cafe offers simple dishes, smoothies, sea views, coffee and cakes. They also offer 18-hole mini golf courses on some of the most eccentric petal fairways, and you have the option to tee off on those fairways. Take a 20-minute walk through the tropical forests of the Huvalu Reserve. The path is wide and shows the deep blue ocean. Walk down the rugged coastal landscape that may be from another planet on the sidewalk, and then descend a stable ladder to the sandy crevice that looks more like a movie than real life. The whole experience is very surreal. From July to October, humpback whales visit to give birth to and care for juveniles before returning to Antarctica. In Niue, the ocean is very close to the coast, so whales get where they can be easily seen and photographed from the coastal cliffs.

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