Detail Map Of Nicaragua:

Nicaragua, it is a republic in Central America. The capital of Nicaragua is Managua.

  • Total Area: 129,999 km?2;
  • Population: 6.218 million 
  • Language: Spanish

Nicaragua Map

Nicaragua is located in Central America. It lies between Honduras in the north and Costa Rica in the south. The west coast is covered by the waters of the North Pacific, while the east beaches enjoy the turquoise Caribbean Sea. This amazing country is sometimes the highest physical point of rugged ruggedness. It is a mountain called Mogoton at 2438 meters above sea level.

Political Map of Nicaragua

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The Nicaragua political map shows the states, capitals and cities of Nicaragua. The political map of Nicaragua shows that this Central American country borders the North Pacific in the west and the Caribbean in the east. It deceptions among Honduras and Costa Rica.

Travel Information Map

Nicaragua is located at the geographical coordinates of 13 ° north latitude and 85 ° west longitude. Granada has some of the best preserved buildings in Nicaragua. This is Spain's first large settlement, and many Spanish colonial buildings and churches are beautifully preserved and painted in multiple colors. Masaya is located west of Grenada. The city is about the same size, but unique because it is at the bottom of a volcano. The San Juan Canal upsurges from River Nicaragua and converts the likely boundary between Nicaragua and Costa Rica. There are several small towns along the river, but the best known is El Castillo. Nicaragua has a number of islands along the Caribbean coast that are far from the rest of the country.

Nicaragua States