Detail Map Of New Caledonia:

New Caledonia is French territory and consists of dozens of islands in the South Pacific. The capital of New Caledonia is Noumea.

  • Total Area: 18,575 square kilometers 
  • Population: 280.460 
  • Language: French 

New Caledonia Map

New Caledonia is rich in beautiful and diverse landscapes that span several islands. The largest island is Grand Tray Island, whose capital is Noumea. New Caledonia (16,747 square kilometers) is northeast of Sydney, Australia and was explored by Captain James Cook in 1774 and annexed by France in 1853. , The administration also achieves Pine Island, the Loyalty Islands, the Bellepie Islands, the Huon Group and the Chesterfield Islands. The locals are Melanesians, known as the Karnak.

Political Map of New Caledonia

On political Map, you can see that the country main island, cities, capital. The archipelago includes Loyalty Island, the uninhabited islands of Chesterfield and Bellepu (not shown on the map), Pine Island and the main island Grand Tray, which is about 1400 km (755 km) east of Australia.

Travel Information Map

The city of Noumea was founded in 1860 and combines heritage, entertainment and leisure activities in several protected bays. From the active atmosphere of the Port Moselle market to delicate French boutiques, classic colonial architecture and unique carnival culture, Noumea has many things to do and attractive marvels to offer A real adventure awaits you on the sparsely populated island of Loyalty, 100 kilometers east of the mainland. This is a truly authentic province, in which the population is made up almost entirely of Karnak and highly respects the authority of the chiefs, following the rituals and traditions that are followed. Meet secluded beaches, hidden caves, beautiful views, lush bushes and residents of Karnak to make you feel at home the second time you arrive. The three main coral islands are Mare, Lifu and Ovea.

New Caledonia States