Detail Map Of Netherlands Antilles:

The Netherlands Antilles are part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The capital of Netherlands Antilles is Willemstad.

  • Total Area: 960 square kilometers 
  • Population: 227,049 
  • Language: Dutch

Netherlands Antilles Map

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Curacao and St. Martin (two fifths of St. Martin in the Netherlands) become autonomous areas of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Like the Netherlands, Curacao and San Martin, the citizens are single citizens. Even today, the name "Netherlands Antilles" is sometimes used for the Caribbean Islands, which belong to the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Political Map of Netherlands Antilles

On political map, you can see the main roads, islands. The archipelagos of the Netherlands Antilles are the islands of Leeward and Windward. The Windward Islands are famous for their volcanic origins and basically have no agricultural basis. The Leeward Islands, on the other hand, are a mixture of coral and volcanic sources.

Travel Information Map

The Bonaire National Marine Park consists of reefs, sea grass meadows, mangroves, beaches and lagoons and is one of the most important diving destinations in the Caribbean. The park surrounds the small islands of Bonaire and Klein Bonaire and is known for its crystal clear water, the calm sea and the rich fish life. Mount Scenery is the summit of the sleeping volcano Saba, which is 887 meters high and at the same time the highest mountain in the Netherlands. The most popular hike to the top of the mountain starts in Windsside, the second largest city on Saba. This challenging path takes you over a thousand steps, some of which are slippery with moss and mud.

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