Detail Map Of Myanmar:

Myanmar, it is a country in East. Naypyidaw is the capital and basically the largest city in Myanmar.

  • Total Area: 676,575 km?2;
  • Population: 53.37 million
  • Language: Burmese

Myanmar Map

Myanmar is the largest country in Southeast Asia. It is bordered by China, Laos and Thailand in the east, Bangladesh and India in the north, and Myanmar 2828 km west and south of the Indian Ocean. The region of Myanmar can be roughly divided into three parts: the Zeeshan region, the Central Valley region and the Dongshan region. The Himalayas have a deep connection to Myanmar and are known in the west as the Yuma Mountains, which extends south. Western Yuma borders well with India and Myanmar. The area of the Central Valley covers the vast valley of the Aravadi River. The eastern mountainous region is a mountainous area.

Political Map of Myanmar

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On political map, you can see the borders, states and the capital of Myanmar. Myanmar borders China, Thailand, India, Laos and Bangladesh, as well as the Gulf of Bengal and the Andamans. The country is allocated into seven states and seven regions.

Travel Information Map

The sunrise in the garden is truly breathtaking. Seeing the sunlight in the grounds of the Bagan Temple is a momentous moment in Myanmar. The temple was stretched until the end of the morning, the field shrouded the field, darkness descended the sky like a rainbow, and a hot air balloon crossed the horizon. Myanmar Popa is the focus of a postcard in Myanmar: a sacred monastery shining on a stupa and a miniature volcano. The 777 steps lead directly to the top of Mount Papa, Myanmar's most powerful knots headquarters, and the trail is filled with monkeys who are looking for fun with tourists! From Bagan, Mount Papa is a popular half-day tour.

Myanmar States