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Morocco, it is a country in North Africa. The capital and the largest city of Morocco is Rabat.

  • Total Area: 446,550 km?2;
  • Population: 35.74 million
  • Language: Arabic 

Morocco Map

Morocco is geographically located on the North Atlantic and Mediterranean coast of North Africa. As you can see on the map the borders are Algeria and the Western Sahara. It is also bordered by two enclaves (Ceuta and Melilla), considered part of Spain. The land of Morocco is different, because it’s northern and internal districts are huge and there are productive grasslands on the shore, where most of the country's cultivation is situated. The valleys are scattered in the mountains of Morocco. Mount Toubkal is the highest point in Morocco, which is 13,665 feet (4,165 m) high, while Sabbath is the lowest point, located at -193 ft. (-59 m) above the surface.

Political Map of Morocco

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On political map, you can see the major cities, road map and the largest city and capital of Morocco.

Travel Information Map

The exciting atmosphere of Morocco Medina abridges Morocco for visitors and is a major holiday destination. The antique city is derivative from the vast square of Jima El-Fana Square, where the people seems to gather all day and night, with street vendors, traditional musicians, snake charmers and random tumblers itinerant around. The Hassan II mosque is the main attraction and milestone of Casa Blanca. There are many old cities in Morocco, but the Odias town of Rabat should be the most beautiful area in the country. It is a completely old area that feels far away from the city. Inside the walls of this ancient castle, the driveways of the clear white and blue houses are surrounded by colorful floral pots and laundry, just outside the timeless atmosphere. Along with Morocco, Phase is another important cultural destination in Morocco.

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