Detail Map Of Montserrat:

On Montserrat map, it is a British overseas region. Plymouth is the capital of Montserrat.

  • Total Area: 101 km?2;
  • Population: 5,215
  • Language: English¬†

Montserrat Map

Montserrat (British overseas territory) is an island in the Caribbean. It is part of the Leeward Islands and is called the Lesser Antilles. It is 16 kilometers long and 11 kilometers wide. The highest point of the island is in the hills of Soufriere, but the exact height cannot be determined due to the volcanic eruptions.

Travel Information Map

Montserrat is 50 km from Barcelona, one of Catalonia's most natural parks and spiritual attractions. The Museum in Montserrat has a creative and archaeological inheritance thousands of years ago. They organize exhibitions depicting the history of the monastery and the most illustrative art of every era. There is a most famous statue in Montserrat called Black Madonna. Every year so many visitors come to pray in front of this exceptional statue. Montserrat Cathedral is a beautiful Renaissance building. From an architectural, spiritual and historical point of view, the cathedral itself, the atrium, the church inside the cathedral and the black Madonna stand out.

Culture and Traditions

It's the easiest way to test their natural forces by highlighting the many natural forces that influence their lifestyles and customs. The physical characteristics of Montserrat play an important role in the clothing, food, housing and composition of the island's inhabitants. Volcanic rocks and scattered plants on the island are the source of many customs that are still found in contemporary customs and culture.

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