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Moldova, it is a country in Europe. The capital of Moldova is Chisinau.

  • Total Area: 33,846 km?2;
  • Population: 3.55 million
  • Language: Romanian

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Moldova is located in south-eastern Europe and borders Romania in the west and Ukraine in the north and south. Most of its territory lies between the regions two main rivers, the Nistro and Prut Rivers. Nistru (Dniester in Ukraine; Dnestr in Russian) is a small part of the border between northeast Moldova and Ukraine, but mainly flows through the east of the country and separates Bisalabia and Transnistria. The Prut River forms the entire western border of Moldova and Romania. Most of the approximately 33,700 square km area of the Republic of Moldova (approximately the area of Maryland) covers the hilly plains, which are deeply intersected by many streams and rivers. Geologically, Moldova is mainly located on deep sedimentary rocks and gives way to harder crystalline outcrops only in the north. Higher locations are at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains.

Political Map of Moldova

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Moldova is an Eastern European country bordering Romania and the Ukraine and headquartered in the capital Chisinau. Moldova has 37 main administrative units: 32 districts, three municipalities and two autonomous regions. The cities of Moldova with regionally similar special status. Chisinau is the capital of Moldova and therefore has a special status. Gagauzia is considered an autonomous territorial unit in southern Moldova.

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As a European country, Moldova is an inland region in the west and in Romania, while Ukraine is an inland region in the east. Her long history has to be researched and appreciated. This country is still not part of the western rat tribe and maintains its peaceful atmosphere. The monastery consists of three main building complexes. It is located in a remote area of Moldova, but this only adds to its beauty and makes it one of the best places to visit in Moldova. Just 30 minutes from Chisinau, the Cricova winery offers an underground wine tasting room, a warehouse and a guide. In total, you can admire 1.25 million bottles of wine. It is strongly recommended to bring one or two bottles of wine, as the wonderful "wine city" is developing.

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