Detail Map Of Malta:

Malta, it is a country in Europe. The capital of Malta is Valletta

  • Total Area: 316 km?2;
  • Population: 493,559
  • Language: Maltese 

Malta Map

Malta is a small archipelago of coral lime surrounded by Mediterranean waters. The only inhabited islands in this archipelago are the three largest islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino (where the beautiful Blue Lagoon is located), each island is a low rocky island with a steep cliff coast cliffs. The highest point is on the triangular plateau Ta'Zuta and is 253 m high. Malta has no permanent natural lakes or rivers, although small rivers form in heavy rain.

Malta Island Map

Malta consists of three islands. The largest is Malta, the medium is Gozo and Comino is a small attraction that you can only visit on a day trip. All attractions can be reached with affordable ferries such as the Gozo Channel Line and the Comino Ferry Co-Op.

Although the Maltese islands may not have the characteristics of other countries, such as mountains, rivers and forests, these islands offer many terrain benefits. Especially on the west side of Malta and Gozo, steep cliffs of sedimentary rock rise out of the water. The latter is characterized by flat hills and lush green valleys, which are covered in the spring of colorful wildflowers and golden yellow in the hot summer.

Political Map of Malta

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Malta's political map shows the country in the Mediterranean. It is one of the Mediterranean islands south of Sicily. Latitude and longitude of the country are 35 ° 50 'north latitude and 14 ° 35' east longitude, respectively.

Travel Information Map

The Malta Islands (Malta, Gozo and Comino) are surrounded by the deep blue Mediterranean Sea south of Sicily and have a charming heritage. Valletta is a strategic seaport and the elegant capital of the Republic of Malta. The whole city witnessed the majesty of the Knights of Malta, the European aristocracy of the Maltese Islands, awarded by the King of Spain in 1530. Adjacent to the walls of Mdina is Rabat. Tourists can see both cities the same day. Mdina and Rabat are sometimes considered as a single urban area.


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