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Mali, it is a country in West Africa. The capital of Mali is Bamako.

Total Area: 1.24 million km?2;
Population: 18.54 million

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The landscape of Mali consists mainly of savannahs, and when moving north, these meadows will roll to higher plateaus. Sakis hills over 1,000 meters are distributed throughout the northeast. About 65% of the country is covered by desert or semi-desert. The lowest point in the country is Senegal, 23 feet (75 feet) high. The highest point in Mali is Hombori Tondo, 3789 feet (115 m) above sea level. The largest rivers in Mali are Niger and Senegal. The Niger is considered the elixir of life Mali (source of food, drinking water, irrigation and transport), which winds about 4,180 km through West Africa.

Map of the Mali Empire

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The Malian Empire is located in West Africa. It grew along the Niger and eventually stretched over 1,200 miles from Gao to the Atlantic. The northern border is located south of the Sahara. It covers African countries in Africa, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Mauritania, Guinea and Gambia. Mali is an African country in the northwest of the African continent between neighboring countries Algeria, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Senegal and Mauritania.

Political Map of Mali

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Mali is a landlocked country that lies partly in the Sahara. Mali is divided into eight regions and one region. The Mali region is further subdivided into villages and communities that came from the French colonial era in Mali. The areas of Mali are Keyes, Kurukoro, Sicaso, Segour, Mopti, Timbuktu, Gao and Kidal. Each area of Mali is managed by a city with the same name as the area.

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Mali is known as the eighth largest country in Africa. This is a landlocked country with a rich heritage in West Africa. With beautiful natural attractions, unique religious landmarks, cultural attractions and popular historical sites, Mali has attracted many tourists from around the world. Be sure to visit the pyramid-shaped Askia Tomb built by Emperor Askia Mohammad I in the late 15th century. Bandiagara's cliffs are also known as "the land of the Dogon", as Dogon have traditionally lived alongside a 125-mile sandstone chain for more than 600 years.

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