Detail Map Of Lithuania:

Lithuania, it is a country in Europe. The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius.

  • Total Area: 65,300 km?2;
  • Population:  2.794 million
  • Language: Lithuanian

Lithuania Map

Lithuania is located on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea and borders Latvia to the north, Belorussia to the east and south, and Poland to the southwest and Kaliningrad region to Russia. The mountains of the country roll, forests, rivers, streams and lakes are gentle. The most important natural resource is farmland.

Political Map of Lithuania

The political map displays Lithuania and nearby nations with global boundaries, the state capital of Vilnius, county cities, major cities, major roads, railways and major airports.

Culture and Traditions

The Baltic states of Lithuania have rich traditions and cultures, influenced by Christian traditions and the cultures of neighboring countries. The Baltic states of Lithuania have a rich heritage and culture influenced by Christian traditions and the cultures of neighboring countries, especially the Nordic, Slavic and Germanic ones. The Lithuanian cuisine is very similar to that of the other Baltic countries. It is also influenced by other Nordic cuisines. Potatoes, barley, rye, berries, cucumbers, turnips, radishes, dill pickles, mushrooms, vegetables, dairy products, etc. are some of the most common ingredients in this kitchen. Lithuanian folk music and dance have a long history. Flute, Zither, Quartet, Violin, Polka etc are mainly used to make this kind of music. The country's folk songs are based on a variety of themes including romance, weddings, ancient warfare, traditional works and more.

Travel Information Map Lithuania

The historic capital of the Grand Duchy is a treasure trove of medieval wonders, while the magnificent Gothic architecture was built in Russian Baroque style. In the old town, cobblestone streets are woven under the branches of the beautiful St. Anne's Church, under the café-strewn square and under the towering Gediminas and Upper Castles of the 13th century.

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