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Libya is a country in North Africa. The capital of Libya is Tripoli.

  • Total Area: 1.76 million km?2;
  • Population: 6.375 million
  • Language: Arabic

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The terrain of Libya is mostly barren, flat to gentle plains, plateaus and depressions. Some heights are littered with landscapes, but there are few real mountain ranges except the Tibesti property that borders Chad. South of Libya's narrow coastal zone is a barren grassland. The Sahara Desert is the land of the Sahara Desert. The Sahara Desert is a vast and fertile wasteland that accounts for only a small portion of the population and agriculture. The Mediterranean coast and the Sahara are the most famous natural landscapes in Libya. Within Africa, Libya has the longest Mediterranean coast and many unspoiled beaches. The highest point in the country is Bikku Bitti at 2,267 m, the lowest point in Libya is -47 m from Sabkhat Ghuzayyil.

Political Map of Libya

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Libya has six neighbors (clockwise): Egypt, Sudan, Chad, Niger, Algeria and Tunisia. The national borders are 4348 kilometers: Egypt (1115 kilometers), Chad (1,055 kilometers), Algeria (982 kilometers), Sudan (383 kilometers), Niger (354 kilometers) and Tunisia (459 kilometers). Libya's Mediterranean coast is 1,770 kilometers long. The island states of Malta and Italy can be considered as important "indirect" neighbors.

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Tadrart Acacus, also known as the Acacus Mountains, is a mountain range of the Gade Mountains in Libya. It is part of the Sahara Desert. There are many different types of holes and rock work in the area. Leptis Magna was the largest city in ancient Rome in Libya. Magna was built in the 10th century BC. It was founded by the Phoenicians and later became the city of Punic. At 23 BC would it be suitable for the Roman region of Africa. The city of Ghadames is located at the crossroads of Libya, Algeria and Tunisia. Ghadames has long been a resting place for desert cars and trading posts. The streets of the city are covered with roofs to protect them from extreme temperatures.

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