Detail Map Of Liberia:

Liberia is a country in West Africa. Liberia's capital is Monrovia.

  • Total Area: 111,369 square kilometers
  • Population: 4,732 million 
  • Language: English

Liberia Map

Much of Liberia is characterized by flat to hilly coastal plains with mangroves and swamps. These plains slope towards gentle plateaus and rainforest-covered hills in the middle and relatively low mountains in the northeast. The main rivers of the country are the Mano River in the northwest and the Kavala River in the southeast. Cavalla is the longest river in the United States with a length of 320 miles (515 kilometers). It was named by the Portuguese 15th century navigator as Kavala (or mackerel) found in his mouth. Other notable rivers are the rivers Lofa, St. Paul, St. John's and Setos, all of which flow into the Atlantic Ocean. The highest point in Liberia is Mount Wuteve in the West African region (1,440 m). However, the Nimba Mountain is higher (1,752 m) and is shared with Guinea and the Ivory Coast. The lowest point of the country is the Atlantic Ocean.

Political Map of Liberia

Liberia's political maps are useful for all web browsers who want to learn about the country. The geographical coordinates of Liberia are 6 ° 30 'N and 9 ° 30' W. The capital of the country is Monrovia off the Atlantic coast.

Travel Information Map

Liberia is the oldest republic in Africa and the poorest country, also due to the civil war that has been breaking the country for more than 14 years. Those who want to travel to Liberia must remember that they will take part in simple tours and fearless adventures. However, there are many attractions worth exploring, especially the city of Monrovia, a large capital city separated by lagoons, dams and rocky headlands, where you can relax on several beaches. The Sabo National Park in Sino County is a jungle with a variety of plants and animals such as elephants, leopards, giant woodland pigs and rare pygmy hippos. The park can only be reached on foot through untouched rainforest, making it one of Africa's best-preserved attractions. Liberia also has many great sandy beaches, especially Bernard Beach, Caesar Beach, Cedar Beach, Cooper Beach, Elva Beach, Kendaj Beach, Kenema Beach and Shuji Beach. It is best to dive here. The season is from December to May, and the water is clearest.

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