Detail Map Of Laos:

Laos, it is a country in Asia. The capital of Laos is Vientiane.

  • Total Area: 236,800 km?2;
  • Population: 6.858 million

Laos Map

The entire terrain of Laos consists of hills and mountains and dense green forests. The valleys and the terrain of the valleys are getting steeper and steeper. The highest point in Laos is Phou BIA, with its highest peak at 9,242 feet (2,817 m). The lowest point is 70 m along the Mekong. Only a small part of Laos is agricultural, while the southern and border areas of the Mekong and Thailand are limited lowland areas. Dozens of rivers from the upper reaches of the mountains form the tributaries of the Mekong, the most important river in Southeast Asia. The Mekong is the 12th longest river in the world and the 7th longest river in Asia. The estimated length is 4,350 kilometers and the drainage area 795,000 square kilometers.

Political Map of Laos

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The map shows Laos and neighboring countries with international borders, the state capital Vientiane, provincial capitals, major cities, main roads, rivers and lakes, railways and major airports.

Travel Information Map

Laos offers a pleasant change for travelers who are used to Thailand or Vietnam. This small Southeast Asian country offers beautiful scenery, from Limestone Mountains to dense forests to spectacular waterfalls. The Bokeo Conservancy was established to protect its black-faced gibbon population, which was rediscovered in 1997 and was formerly considered extinct. Without the experience of ecotourism conservation project, the visit to the Bokeo Nature Reserve will not be completed. Nong Kiau (sometimes called Nong Khiaw) is a popular tourist destination in Luang Prabang province as it offers many opportunities for hiking, climbing and cycling. One of the must-see attractions is a China-built bridge over the Nanwu.


Quite a lot of languages spoken in Laos and Thailand are diligently related to Lao such as Tai Daeng, Phu Thai, Tai Dam, and Nyaw.

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