Detail Map Of Kuwait:

Kuwait is a country in Middle East. The capital of Kuwait is Kuwait city.

  • Total Area: 17,818 km?2;
  • Population: 4.137 million
  • Language: Arabic

 Kuwait Map

The state of Kuwait is a sovereign country in western Asia in the northwest of the Persian Gulf. Kuwait is located in the northeast of the Arabian Peninsula. Despite the unpleasant deserts, the country is rich in oil. Kuwait has nine islands, of which Bubyan and Al-Warbah are the largest but uninhabited. Faylakah is the only inhabited island in the archipelago. Kuwait has a dry climate. It was the hottest summer in the world, but compared to other countries in the Persian Gulf, winter was relatively cold.

Political Map of Kuwait

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Kuwait is located in the Middle East and is officially known as the state of Kuwait. The geographical coordinates of Kuwait are 29 ° 30 'N and 45 ° 45' E. The total area of the country is 17,820 square kilometers. According to the July 2007 census, Kuwait's population was 2,505,559. The official language in Kuwait is Arabic and many people in the country also speak English. The political map of Kuwait clearly shows the international and national borders, the built-up areas, the national capitals, the regional capitals and the big cities.

Places to visit in Kuwait

Kuwait radiates the charm of Arabian adventures, so travelers in Kuwait have a lot to do. Kuwait not only offers great accommodations and fine dining, but also a lot for tourists. The Kuwait Tower is located on the Arabian Gulf Highway in the Kuwait district (Sharq) and is one of Kuwait's most famous landmarks. It was built in March 1979 and consists of two main towers and a side tower. The Liberation Tower, a symbol of the liberation of Kuwait, represents the country's renaissance. It is the second tallest tower in Kuwait and the fifth highest telecommunications tower in the world.

Kuwait States