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Italy is a country in Europe. The capital of Italy is Rome.

  • Total Area: 301,338 km?2;
  • Population: 60.48 million
  • Language: Italian

Italy Map

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Italy is a point in the Mediterranean. The most striking feature is the boot-like shape that was introduced in Sicily. Much of Italy is covered by mountains. The Dolomites, which cross northern Italy, are part of the Alps. The Apennines cross central Italy, extending from north to south and separating the east and west coasts. The Po Valley south of the Dolomites is the catchment area of the Po. This is fertile farmland. Italy includes two large islands: Sicily and Sardinia. Sardinia is basically a mountain chain that rises from the ocean. San Marino is an independent republic on the northeast coast of Italy. Most people live in northern Italy, especially on the west coast around Rome and Naples and in the Po Valley. The remote villages of southern Italy even argue that hot and dry climates are not very effective for agricultural production.

Venice Italy Map

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Florence Italy Map

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Culture and Traditions of Italy

Art can be seen in every corner of Italy, not only in museums in Florence, Venice, and Rome but also in churches and public buildings. The Italians are lively and like to party. That's why there are many national holidays in Italy. If you plan to travel to Italy you will need to check national holidays as museums, shops and restaurants are closed during the festivities, especially on January 1st, May 1st, and December 25th. Italian cuisine is famous and admirable all over the world. For Italians, food is an art, they are good at cooking and their party is about food. In central Italy, pasta and pizza are very popular.

Places to visit in Italy

The most common and amazing places of Italy are Italian Lake District, Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Roman Forum and much more.

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