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Ireland is an island in the North Atlantic. The capital of Ireland is Dublin.

  • Total Area: 84,421 square kilometers
  • Population: 4.83 million
  • Language: Irish

Ireland Map

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The hilly plains of the Irish lowlands are subdivided by swamps, lakes and rivers, surrounded by mountains and low mountains. The major peaks contain Blackstairs, Bluestack, Comeragh, Derryveagh, Macgillycuddy's Reeks, Nepheinbeg, Ox, Silver Mines, Slieve Mish, Twelve Pins and Wicklow. The highest point of the country, Carrauntuohill, is 1041 m high. The west coast includes numerous sea cliffs. The Cliff of Moher is the most famous and even the most beautiful in Europe. Its maximum height is just over 213 m. There are dozens of coastal islands in Ireland, including Achill, the largest in the country. Other major attractions include the Aran Islands southwest of Galway and the island of Valencia near the Ivera Peninsula. Other notable peninsulas are Beara and Dingle. The Shannon River is 386 kilometers long and the longest river in Ireland. It expands along its route into four lakes, including the Allensee, the Baffinsee, the Degersee and the Richtersee. Other notable areas inland are Conn, Corrib and Mask. In addition to Shannon, other rivers of various sizes include the rivers Barrow, Blackwater, Boyne, Fin, Li, Liffey, Knoll, Slane and Sur.

Culture in Ireland

Irish folk music, classical music and contemporary music thrive. Fleadh Cheoil nah√Čireann is an Irish folk music festival that takes place annually in Ireland to promote Irish folk music. Irish cuisine reflects the culinary style that the Irish have developed over centuries of political and social change.

Places to visit in Ireland

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Aran Islands, This is a wonderful car-free island, a typical development far from the mainland. On these islands you will experience a breathtaking landscape. Glenway National Park, Ireland's second-largest national park covers 14,000 acres and is popular with hikers and fishermen across Ireland.

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