Detail Map Of Iraq:

Iraq is a country in Middle East. The capital of Iraq is Baghdad.

  • Total Area: 437,072 km?2;
  • Population: 38.27 million

Iraq Map

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Much of Iraq consists of a series of vast sandy plains. The Syrian Desert covers the westernmost areas. In the southeast, near the Persian Gulf, the land is low, swampy and often flooded. Mountainous in northern Iraq, the Zagros Mountains border Iran and Turkey. There is the highest point of the country with an unknown summit, which is 3,611 m above sea level. Across Asia, the two main rivers, the Euphrates and Tigris, have lost land. In Iraq there is predominantly desert climate, so winter and summer are hot. However, the mountains of the country are very cold in winter and mild in summer.

Culture in Iraq

Iraq has one of the richest stories in the world, a rich and diverse culture. The ancient influence of Mesopotamia influenced most of the other civilizations of that time. The country has an artistic heritage and the world-famous Arab painter, poet and sculptor is the home of Iraq. The Iraqi artisans are known for their work with handicrafts, carpets and rugs. As evidenced by the urban landscape of Baghdad, Iraqi architecture is also one of the best in the Arab world. The traditions of the country are still felt in many areas of daily life. Even today, music is widespread and is characterized by the use of drums, tambourines, violin, UD and flute. Young people listen to modern styles like pop and rap music as well as old and new.

Places to visit in Iraq

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Iraq is an Islamic country. The most famous places are Ishtar Gate, Tower of Babel, The Holy Shrine of Imam Hussain, Ziggurat of Ur, Iraqi Museum and many more.

Language Iraq

There are two official languages of Iraq, Kurdish and Arabic.

Iraq States