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India is a South Asian country. The capital of India is New Delhi.

  • Total Area: 3.287 million square kilometers 
  • Population: 1,339 billion 
  • Language: Hindi 

India Map

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As you can see on the map India is located on the Indian plate, which lies north of the Indo-Australian plate. The Indian subcontinent is surrounded by three different waters and easily recognizable on the world map. The Indian continent extends between 8 ° 4 'and 37 ° 6' north latitude and 68 ° 7 'and 97 ° 25' east longitude. The Tropic of Cancer at 23 ° 30'N divides India into almost two halves. The total length of the coast is 7,517 kilometers. The Indian Peninsula is shrinking south dividing the Indian Ocean into two waters - the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. In India, there are many types of landforms, such as towering mountains, deep valleys, vast plains, plateaus and Western Ghats on the coast, deserts and many islands.

Ancient India Map

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India Political Map

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Northwest India is surrounded by Afghanistan and Pakistan. China, Bhutan and Nepal in the north, Myanmar in the east, Bangladesh in the east of West Bengal, as well as Sri Lanka and India, separated by a narrow sea channel formed by the park road and Mannar Bay. The actual control line (LAC) separates India from China and covers a total length of 4,057 kilometers. India and Pakistan have about 3,000 kilometers of western border, stretching from Chamu and Kashmir, Punjab and Rajasthan to the Kuchi region of Gujarat. Punjab is divided by the Ouaga Line in Punjab (India) and Punjab (Pakistan). Gujarat and Rajasthan are separated by the zero point of the Pakistani province of Sindh. The border runs south from Manola Island in Pakistan to the port of Mumbai in India.


Unity in assortment, these are not just words, they are also very suitable for a country with a rich culture and a rich heritage like India. Some quotes or statements do not describe the pedestal that India holds on the world map because of its colorful and unique culture.

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