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Hungary is a non-coastal country in Central Europe. The Capital of Hungary is Budapest.

  • Total Area: 93,030 square kilometers¬†
  • Population: 977.3 million¬†
  • Language: Hungarian

Hungary Map

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Hungary is a basically flat country dominated by the Hungarian lowlands east of the Danube. The level covers about 56% of the country. The terrain ranges from flat levels to gentle levels. The land rises along the Slovakian border to the hills and low mountains in the north. The highest point is in Matra Hills, 1,015 m above sea level, and is the mountain Kekes. The lowest point is 77.6 m above sea level near Szeged along the Tiese in southern Hungary. The Danube is the main river because it almost halves the country and in Hungary has a navigable length of 418 kilometers. Other notable rivers are the Drava and the Tisza.

Austria Hungary Map

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Values Hungary

The beliefs of Hungary has a common tradition and chic, prejudiced by numerous cultural groups. From classical music to folk music, all kinds of music are an important part of the daily life of the country, as well as the country's rich literary heritage. Ceramics and handicrafts, a unique Hungarian traditional cuisine, rich fruit brandy, dance and popular spa treatments reflect the traditions of this enchanting country. Due to their ancient nomadic history, Hungarians are a land of riders, and tourists are often invited to ride by new friends from the region. Generosity is a significant portion of the value here.

Places to visit in Hungary

Hungary borders seven countries and lies in the heart of Central Europe, but has a strong cultural identity. Most of the tourists flock to Budapest for a few days, bustling with thermal baths, ruins and architectural wonders. But on the other side of the Danube, there is much more to discover. The most famous place is Lake Balakon.

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