Detail Map Of Hong Kong:

On Hong Kong Map, It is a Chinese administrative region.

  • Total Area: 1,106 km?2;
  • Population: 7.392 million 
  • Language: Chinese 

Hong Kong MTR Map

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Hong Kong Map

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Located on China's southern coast, almost all available land in Hong Kong is hilly. There are very steep mountains that fall into the sea, some of which are more than 764 m above sea level. The highest point in Hong Kong is the Tai Mo Shan with 958 m. The land is located on the northern edge of the island of Hong Kong and north of China. The only major river is Shenchun.

Hong Kong on Map

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Values in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is more socialist than Western people. Persons frequently deliberate themselves associates of a set slightly than independent accomplices. These clusters reproduce or instigate to describe who their memberships are and often imagine a great level of faithfulness. For example, the interests of the group often replace the interests of individuals, even if their interests conflict with each other. In addition, group members desire preferential treatment than anyone who is not a member of the group. In return for this loyalty, people receive a sense of belonging, protection and solidarity. The culture of Hong Kong is based on Western handshake. The Hong Kong handshake in China may be easy. In Hong Kong people can lower their eyes while greeting. They usually call a person with first and last name.

Places to visit in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong has always been ranked as one of the major tourist destinations in Asia. Buddhism and Taoism are the main religions in Hong Kong, reflected in the number of temples and monasteries that can be found throughout the city. Hong Kong has many popular street markets, each offering a unique shopping experience. It can be said that the most popular market is the market for women's clothing in Mong Kok.

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