Detail Map Of Haiti:

Haiti is a Caribbean country. The capital of Haiti is Port-au-Prince.

  • Total Area: 27,750 square kilometers
  • Population: 10.98 million
  • Language: French 

Haiti Map

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The Republic of Haiti is the second largest republic in the Western Hemisphere after the United States. This is a small Caribbean country between Cuba and the Dominican Republic. However, Haiti has experienced years of political and economic turbulence and is one of the poorest countries in the world. This is the mountainous area of Saki Rug, which is dominated by the three main peaks (mountains) depicted on the map. The highest point is Pic La Stelle des Massif De La Selle. It is located at 2,680 meters. Haiti is the second longest coast of the Caribbean (1771 km) and Cuba the longest. La Gonave and La Tortue are their main islands.

Culture and Tradition in Haiti

Personal greetings are very important to the Haitians. When you enter a room or join a group, you should personally greet everyone. Haitian culture has much in common with Latin American culture and etiquette and respects the respected elders. People always greet each other when they come by, acquaintances shake hands and girlfriends kiss on the cheek. Business talks usually take place after dinner, and political talks generally take place after a relationship with someone has been established.

Places to visit in Haiti

Bassin Bleu is a happy, secluded waterfall on Jacmel Mountain in Haiti. Travelers can follow the path to the pool, jump from the waterfall for a day, swim in the turquoise waters and enjoy the cool, lush vegetation. The privacy of the attraction makes it like heaven. Labadi is a private harbor and a secluded paradise. The white sand beaches and crystal clear waters that make up Royal Caribbean International Cruises make it one of the island's most fascinating destinations. In addition to relaxing on the beach in the azure waters, tourists can also shop at some street vendors in Haiti, do water sports or try on a zip line.


Haiti States