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Guinea Bissau is a tropical country on the Atlantic coast of West Africa. The capital of Guinea-Bissau is Bissau.

  • Total Area: 36,125 square kilometers
  • Population: 1,861 million

Guinea-Bissau Map

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Guinea Bissau is usually a lowland with flat savannah and rainforests. The Bijagos archipelago lies off the coast of Guija-Bissau and consists of about 18 main islands and dozens of smaller islands, stretching along the Atlantic coast. On the continent, the coast of the country is dominated by scattered beaches and mangrove swamps. The Guaba River in West Africa rises in Guinea and extends to Guinea-Bissau and reaches the Atlantic. The total length is about 550 kilometers. The highest point in the country is an unnamed mountain of 300 feet (984 feet), the lowest point of Guinea-Bissau is the Atlantic Ocean (0 meters).

Culture and Tradition

There are festivals and celebrations throughout the country. Although most of them are about music and art, there are also festivals that relate to the country itself and religion. Music and art festivals, including the Bubaque Music Festival, are designed to honor local music. The date of the event usually changes every year, but still attracts a nationwide audience. Another art festival is the Carnival in Guinea-Bissau, where national traditions and talents from Guinea participate. This celebration takes place at Easter and lasts about four days.

Places to visit in Guinea-Bissau

The Biggias Islands are an inaccessible hiking destination about 40 kilometers off the coast of Guinea-Bissau. Travel through the untouched and vibrant capital of Bissau. The city has many attractions from the colonial period of the country. As you travel through the Portuguese Quarter, you will be transported into a fascinating world of architecture, while the coastal areas offer fascinating beaches.

Language in Guinea-Bissau

Portuguese is the official language of Guinea-Bissau.

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