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Guam is an independent and controlled area of the United States of Micronesia. Hagatar is the capital of Guam.

  • Total Area: 543.9 square kilometers 
  • Population: 164.229

Where is Guam on the World Map?

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Guam Island is about 30 miles long and has a variable width. The narrowest range is between 12 and 4 miles. Guam is the largest island in Micronesia, except reefs, with a total land area of 212 square miles. The island has two geological formations. Two-thirds of Guam (central and subterranean landforms) are mainly replaced by limestone, and the cliffs north of Santa Rosa and Mata gradually descend into the sea at a height of between 300 and 600 feet. The southern landscape is essentially a volcano, and the ridge extends into a river valley inland and along the coast. The highest point is Ramland Hill, 1,334 meters above sea level.

Culture and Tradition

Music is an integral part of the island's lifestyle, and performances of traditional instruments such as Belembaotuyan are a highlight of cultural performances. Belembaotuyan consists of a hollow hoist and is strung together with a dense metal wire that pushes against the bare belly to create a melody sound that pleases everyone. The instrument's flute, once forgotten by humans, has been popular for some time. The traditional art of Guam is very active. During cultural fairs and exhibitions, visitors often have the opportunity to observe master weavers, engravers and even blacksmiths at work.

Places to visit in Guam

The trip to Guam is like visiting the four exotic corners of the world. Guam is considered the hub of the western Pacific and is undoubtedly the most international destination in Micronesia. It is a romantic feeling to walk leisurely through the southern hills of Guam. There are so many beaches you can visit.

Language in Guam

The Official Language of Guam is English.

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